Freewrite Fifteen

Well-Watered Soul

The most extraordinary thing happened on Friday. I was busy with other things, but the doorbell rang. I must admit, usually I check from the upper window to see who it is, if it is those really pushy door-to-door people (The last one rang the doorbell over and over in succession at the first attempt to rouse me and then ran into the street so he could move on to the next house if I didn't answer the door.  I thought that was so rude that I didn't answer the door), I don't answer it. I didn't check and had two sweet Latter-Day Saints gentleman at my door. They are so sweet compared to the Jehovah's Witnesses whom I invited into my home, and they proceeded to call me an idolator and refused to pray with me when I asked them, telling me they couldn't pray with people like me.

What was so extraordinary was the way our conversation evolved. I just let the Lord tell me when to listen and when and what to speak. It was lovely. I really felt Him speaking to me like a mic in an ear that the newscasters wear.

I have had that happen briefly in those kinds of conversations, but this time it was continuous. I think we talked for 45 minutes. I had no fear or frustration. Only peace. I like that.

Well-Educated Mind

I went to the library and got a stack of books after I talked to the LDS missionaries. I really do not know why in that I have other books I am reading, but it seems that all my holds came up. Most are not due for one month, but No Easy Day by one of the Seals who shot Bin Laden came up, and that is a two week check out with no hope of renewal. So, I will read that and read the other ones AFTER I am done with Middlemarch. I am 70% of the way through listening to it, and I LOVE IT! I am so glad I finally read this after years of having it on my "to read" list. I don't care what anyone says: It is superb and one of the best books I have ever read.

The other books were: Reading Lolita in Tehran, Casual Vacancy, and Leap of Faith. We will get around to them when we get round to them.

Well-Adjusted Heart

It is great to be healthy in heart. Loving it and wanting to spread the health. I will be doing Theophostic with some women in the near future.

Well-Tuned Strength

Here is the newest revelation: I am definitely not built for running.

Basically, that is what my brother-in-law said in not so many words. He didn't come out and say it, but as he adjusted what I thought was a "not to out" back, he mentioned my abnormalities that make the jarring of running added to the pulling and twisting that my body (especially my pelvic hip flexor compensation stuff) does because of how it is congenitally formed makes running really counterproductive for my overall health.


What I love about running is that it burns the calories quick. I love how it pushes my cardio to the next level. BUT it doesn't do a bit of good if it makes me have pain and go to the chiropractor or Paul when I do too much of it.

So, I am giving it up. Maybe I will walk 5K and 10K's. I cannot even walk fast because of the way my pelvis twists when I walk. That explains why I can be in great shape and smoke everyone in swimming and biking, but I can never increase my speed in running no matter how good of shape I am in.

It also explains how Paula told me my right foot does this weird thing and turns in as I run while watching me run around the track last year. It is because my pelvis turns in.

I am a mess from the waist down, and it is a miracle I ever played basketball at all.


But walking is so good for me. I love it. I just have to do more of it to burn the same number of calories, and you know, I could just cut down on my eating to maintain my weight (which is pretty consistent these days, although I would like to be 5-10 pounds down).

There is the timer. No proofreading!

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