Nanowrimo Here We Go and other Freewrite Friday Faire

I have always wanted to do Nanowrimo again, and it is November 2. I want to write a novel based on the history of my grandmother, Wardie, and now is as good a time as ever being that I just went and visited the land of my forefathers. I wish I had OODLES of money so I could hire someone to stay in Pennsylvania and find out how my grandparents met. It will half to piece together a story on that based on flimsy speculation, but that is what historical fiction is all about. Maybe if I ever publish it, someone will come out of the woodwork to tell me that my speculations are wrong, wrong, wrong.

That would be lovely. No one wants to get to the bottom of the twists and turns of my grandparents' story than moi! 

We have guests in 45 minutes, and I am doing everything I can to procrastinate. I do that sometimes. I love having others over, but I am always nervous leading up to anything that smacks of a "party."  Wonder what is up with that. 

Anyway, I love George. He made the Apple Dumplings. I made the Apple Crisp. We made the Chicken Goulash together, but he is doing the Roti Canai because I am lame at it. So, I write. Maybe I should set the table and even put on something other than Yoga pants and a T-Shirt. Feeling like being "casual for Karina" who is Andrew's new fiancee. Looking forward ot meeting her.

Now to setting that table.  
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