Thursday Freewrite Fifteen

I had a good study in Romans with Rachel early this morning, and I had some calls to make afterward. I am finally getting down to writing. 

This is my "calm before the storm" as I will have Bene, childhood friend, coming at about 3:45 pm today and staying through Sunday. I have two other friends coming from out of town but not staying with me. Wondering how it will all work out with seeing people. It is the 40th anniversary for TITLE IX women's sports, and there is a big "Parade of Champions" Banquet tomorrow with 450 people at Reiser Stadium. I am dreading the big crowd, but I am glad I am participating being that my weekend guest is attending.

I hope to get a bit of writing done this morning. Then it is off to Hilda's Master's defense (must check to see where I am going). After that, I need to shop and get home before Bene comes in the door. I hoped to get a workout in, but maybe Bene and I can go for a hike when she gets here. Wish we could ride bikes, but she is too short for all of our bikes. LOL! Maybe I can borrow one from Kathleen.

I had a shock in that my blood sugar was at the high range for this last blood test. I called Kim, my R.D. friend today, and she said, "I usually tell people when they are high to exercise at least 150 minutes a week and lose 7% of their body weight. You are already doing that and don't need to lose weight." So, I think it was probably all the "more than normal" sweets you were eating due to social events."  I really had been eating a LOT more ice cream than I usually do. So, she wasn't too concerned. Another suggestion she made is go back to just Splenda in my tea. I had been drinking more tea with sugar lately which is something I also NEVER do. I was just experimenting with taste combination. 

I did the second stage test and had not been eating sweets prior. Oh, she also said that it can spike if you have been sick, and I was sick going into that blood test and wondered if I should even go. I had some flu-like symptoms all week. Kim wasn't too concerned because she knows my lifestyle. So, that made me feel much better.

I have not run all week and have just done fitness walking, and my back feels fantastic. I think I really am done with running for good. It is good for my cardio but bad for my back. Hiking seems to be a good alternative. Really gets me pumping but not jarring.

What else is new? I cannot remember. Oh, I am writing that novel for NANOWRIMO and doing a lousy job of keeping up. It seems like it has just gotten too busy. 

Well, I better get to writing before I have to go to the defense (And find a parking place near campus. UGH!). 
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