Freewrite Fifteen (plus)

Well-Watered Soul - 

It is well with my soul. I am writing on Romans 9 today, and I am experiencing somewhat of a block. So, I thought I would loosen up my fingers with a freewrite. Where is my timer for this purpose? Couldn't find my Flylady one, but I have my iPhone one.

Well, Romans 9 started out easy. No problem. Then, as I got more into it, I realize why it is controversial. The whole conundrum between free will and God's sovereign choice. Election, predestination, and man's ultimate choices. It is making my head hurt a bit. So, that is why I am freewriting.

Other than that, it is SO well. The things I was working through at the Jubilee Conference on Saturday are not there anymore. It is well.  

Well-Educated Mind

Middlemarch is my 100th book. I had a goal of 100 this year. Therefore, I am going through it as slowly as I want. I have to return the digital copy to the library on 11/15. So, I hope to be done with it by then. I have had it less than a week and am already 40% of the way through. It is one of those books that grabs you. So, I have been listening to it as I shower (the wonders of a Bose Wireless Bluetooth Speaker), walk, stretch, do my back exercises, lift weights, and work around the house). Basically, any spare minutes I have.


I cannot understand why a certain person, who will remain nameless, several years ago shamed me in front of a group of others for recommending it to her. I know I didn't recommend it to her because I had not read it. Perhaps I told her that George loved it and that I loved the mini-series (because I did!). 

Anyway, now I can recommend it, but she hated it. I think we have very different tastes. She didn't like the Anthony Andrews/Jane Seymour version of The Scarlet Pimpernel either. I have never met ANYONE who hasn't like that! She also thought the John Adams mini-series was too "dark." ?????? Not sure what she meant by that. Suffice it to say that this person is very outspoken and opinionated but obviously has opposite tastes, and that is OK. I just won't let her opinions continue to shame me. Enough said. 

I would recommend Middlemarch to anyone! George Eliot's writing is exquisite and insightful. I find myself pondering her words. It is too bad she rejected Christianity in the end, becoming an agnostic after a fervent evangelical youth.

Well-Adjusted Heart

I alluded earlier that my heart is well after my journaling at Jubilee. Personal stuff, but I think God got to the route of it, and it is well with my heart now. I let it go. It takes two to make peace, and as far as it has depended on me, I have made peace. The residuals from 2 1/2 years ago are not my problem. I have done what God has asked me to do and been great since then. If the other party is not, then they have a responsibility to bring it up to me. So, I am really good. 

Weird how I don't simmer of stuff like this anymore. Growth!

Well-Tuned Strength

I had not had any back pain since my Physical Therapy journey, but I got some Sport Insoles that threw my back out of kilter after just two short walks. I don't think it was the bit of running I did on Monday or my new weight program, but the walks from Tuesday (two in one day). So, I took them out and will get flatter ones (George uses that kind. So money was not wasted. 

(Time is running out. So I am officially going past my fifteen minutes - LOL! As if anyone is even counting!)

All that to say is that I had a Physical Therapy appointment scheduled on the day it was out. Providential timing. She was able to get my hip back in place through some resistance things. I came home and took a muscle relaxant and applied moist heat. Then I didn't move for about 1 1/2 hours. That was the key. Often I won't rest it after I do things. At this point, I only have a trigger point on the left shoulder blade. So, I will wait for my brother in law to check it out when he comes tomorrow night (so convenient - I married will having the best spinal adjuster in Oregon as a relative.). 

Edie was going to "graduate" me (Logan was out taking his Physical Therapy boards for Oregon. He passed!), but when I showed up with it so out of kilter (she had a student observer and explained how out it really was), she decided to not do it until next time. Good plan.

I also have signed up for Snap Fitness for one month to see if I like it. I am doing this due to the distance (.8 of a mile versus twice that long to Timberhill), location (closer to errand locations versus nothing nearby at Timberhill), price (2/3rds the cost), and hours open (24/7/365 versus frequent closures and hours not open when I want it to be). The drawback is no pool, locker rooms, and hot tub (for sore muscles).  I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages though. 

November 1st also marks the beginning of a whole month of logging my food. I am terrible at that lately, and I am going to discipline myself to do it everyday now. I am doing great on cardio. Now, I must modify my intake. :)

Well that was way longer than 15, but I am ready to go back to tackling Romans 9 now.

Pressing without proofreading. 

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