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Body Wellness: Day 2 and Muse

So far:

Eating: 1 cup water, 2 cups skim milk, 1/2 cup each of yogurt, blueberries, and Fiber One, 1 cup water, 16 oz chai frost with whipped cream, turkey and string cheese sandwich on Honey Wheat Berry bread, 3 oz chocolate chip cookie. 3 cups water. 100 calorie dark chocolate, Shrimp Mediterranean 1/2 bowl, 2 cups water.

Exercise: 40 minute walk up hospital hill

Muse: After this post, I picked up My Life in France by Julia Child. As I was walking with the book, I thought. I am "voracious." Everything I do is voracious. I am a voracious reader, voracious learner, voracious to know and understand. I laughed out loud when I sat down at that moment and read these lines:

"But I had so much more to learn, not only about cooking, but about shopping and eating and all the many new (to me) foods. I hungered for more information" (pp. 39-40).

Julia Child and I are ONE! She was voracious too! I can never stop learning. I want to learn more of God (for He is unfathomable, and there is ALWAYS something to learn of His ways), of art, of culture, of language, of literature, of philosophy, of flowers (Lorraine exclaimed yesterday, "Carol, you amaze me at how much you know and want to know!" because I was going to take a picture and go home and find out what flowers were on her table), of people. I suppose that is why I loved living overseas so much. I loved learning about the culture and cracking the code. Julia Child was learning the language, learning the cuisine, creating community in Paris by "cracking the code" of that culture. I think I have a new soulmate!

Perhaps all tall women are voracious (Julia Child was the same height at 6 feet 2 inches tall).

vo•ra•cious \vȯ-ˈrā-shəs, və-\ adjective
[Latin vorac-, vorax, from vorare to devour; akin to Old English ācweorran to guzzle, Latin gurges whirlpool, Greek bibrōskein to devour]
1 : having a huge appetite : ravenous
2 : excessively eager : insatiable a voracious reader

Another similar word to describe me: enthusiastic

en•thu•si•asm \in-ˈthü-zē-ˌa-zəm, en-, also -ˈthyü-\ noun
[Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein to be inspired, irregular from entheos inspired, from en- + theos god]
1 a : belief in special revelations of the Holy Spirit
b : religious fanaticism
2 a : strong excitement of feeling : ardor
b : something inspiring zeal or fervor
synonymy see passion

That is why the people in this video (Topsail Island Retreat, April 2007) couldn't accept this assessment about me from a silly (and ancient) personality test we all took:


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