Body Wellness: Day 10

What happened to Days 7-9? Well, I got sick. So, I didn't exercise, and I didn't keep track of anything, but I didn't go crazy with my eating either.

Monday is a NEW DAY!!!! YEA!

EATING: 1/2 cup of yogurt, Fiber One, and blueberries. Chai tea with 16 oz of skim milk and LOTS of sugar (I usually use a non-caloric substitute, but I used the rest of my palm sugar for this delectable drink) with Whipped cream, 4 glassses of water, 1/2 cup mac and cheese, 3 oz of chicken goulash with 1/2 cup rice, Dairy Queen Blizzard, coffee cake, 2 glasses of water.

EXERCISE: Walked to and from my car downtown, swept kitchen floor, folded two loads of laundry, danced around room, cleaned two bathrooms. (feeling a bit better!)
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