Poet 16: T.S. Eliot


Sixteen poets in eighteen days plus a Shakespeare play for good measure.

I concluded with T.S. Eliot. by listening to a recording of him reading "The Wasteland" on YouTube! (the internet can be such a blessing)

T.S. Eliot wrote "The Wasteland" prior to his conversion and when he was going through great problems in his marriage (loveless and something he jumped into before he knew the woman). It speaks of his thirst, and this was all part of his process in coming to find the TRUE living water of Jesus!

I will conclude this adventure with a YouTube video of a wonderful narrator reading "The Journey of the Magi" which is through the eyes of one of the wise men. It was written after Eliot became a believer.



Dancingirl said…
I so enjoyed that, Carol! "Journey of the Magi" is such a wonderful poem - every time I read it I see more. But I've never heard it read by T.S. Eliot! Thanks.

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