Poet 6: Allen Ginsberg

I listened to The Voice of the Poet: Allen Ginsberg yesterday. He wrote "Howl." He was the leader of the "beat poets" who took drugs and were pretty yucky people. That is all I am going to say about him. I am swearing him off forever from this day forward. I can see why Thelma in my kids' American Literature class only mentioned him and didn't have the kids read him.

The conclusion of his poem "After Lalon" March 31, 1992 sums it all up:

"I had my chance and lost it,
many chances and didn't
take them seriously enuf.
Oh yes I was impressed, almost
went mad with fear
I'd lose the immortal chance,
One lost it.
Allen Ginsberg warns you
dont follow my path
to extinction."

Allen, I won't.

'Nough said.
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