A Very Nice Sunday

It started at 5:35 with a bit of Lady Grey
Then it turned into 3 1/2 hours in the Word
After that it was a fast decision to walk to Calvary for outdoor church
We caught up on the walk about all the exciting things from last night's BBQ
We sat in the August sunshine to listen about the woman who anointed Jesus' feet
Enjoyed the cool August breeze with George as my wind break
We saw people being baptized in the pond and took a hike up to the high school clearing
We talked with Shawn and Jim about Calvary and China
After that we walked home
We ate hummus and homegrown veggies with leftover hamburgers on yummy buns
Then we watch the first Asian win a major PGA tournament
Then I had very sad news from Teala that led us to pray
After this, George walked in the door with a 32" flat screen TV for co-op classes
He cooked pizza and Jennifer brought us peanut butter cup ice cream
Jennifer and I went for the Hospital hill walk as the sun began to fade
Then, we looked at 500 pictures of her six weeks in SEA
Then a movie about new life for an Indonesian woman
Thanks Lord for the beauty of the day
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