American Poets

I sort of went wild and got the poetry books of seven American poets. I had started Walt Whitman at the beginning of the summer and got bogged down in the very long poem "Song of Myself" (Sound egotistical?). I want to plow through them before British Literature starts because 2009-2010 will be all things British in the Well-Educated Mind journey in order to coincide with my kids' journey. So, here are the poets I am reading in August and early September:

Walt Whitman
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Carl Sandburg
William Carlos Williams
Langston Hughes
Wystan Hugh Auden
Robert Frost

I'll save the more modern poets of . . . Plath, Strand, Rich, Pinsky, Ginsberg, Kenyon, and Dove for next summer.

I read Walt in the early morning hours, and I had a better impression. He was pretty racey for his time. The last romantic poet. I am too lazy to type any of his stuff here right now. Maybe later.

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