Body Wellness: Day 6 and Mindless Snacking/Yoga

Yesterday was a wash as far as eating was concerned. Heard a report that people who do Yoga are more apt to control their weight, not because of the calorie burn (which is minimal) but because they are more "mindful" when they are eating. They tend to not "mindlessly snack" according to a recent study (can't find the study online right now).

This totally makes sense. The issue for me is that I just start craving and not thinking in the late afternoon, especially when I have quite a few things going on and don't get a good relaxing communion time with the Lord, too many carbs early on, and not enough sleep.

That is exactly what happened yesterday. I woke up at 2 am and wasn't able to go back to sleep. So, I got up and read and didn't spend time in the Word. Then, I tried to wake myself up for the day with Teh Tariks (Malaysian tea with sweetened condensed milk that is pulled ("tarik" in Malay)). Then, I was too full for a good breakfast and ran out the door to take the kids to tennis and do dial-a-book, and run errands while they helped Jake with the wood chip pile at his house. I didn't get to eating until 3:30. Up until that time, I mindlessly snacked, but I ate from 3:30 until I went to the club at 6:30!

Today is a NEW day, and I am looking at joining the Gentle Yoga class. By the way, they don't put any Eastern mysticism stuff in the Yoga class at the club. So, it isn't weird like they used to be.

EATING: 16 oz skim milk, 2 TB palm sugar (for 32 oz of tea/milk/spices), whipped cream.

EXERCISE: walk 30 minutes during Golf class
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