Tuesday Twelve Freewrite

I have set the timer and am just going to stream my consciousness right here on the blog screen.

I really love to write. It is part of a healthy balance to my life. I need to meditate, move, read, write, listen (to God and people), and pray. That makes for a very healthy, healthy day for me. A little bit of each does me just right! Hey, it is the State of the Union address tonight. In past years, I would write about the "State of the Weaver Union" LOL! I should do that now, but can I do it it in twelve minutes? Usually it is a LONG freewrite.

I will try. I will go by the above "balance" things.

Meditate - I have loved meditating on the life of Jesus through the Harmony of the Gospels. Always a good choice for me to start the year off this way! I love meditating on Scripture and praying through them too. Thank you Kenneth Boa for your lovely book that I have used for 16 years!

Move - I realized this morning that I started wearing fitness trackers way before they were "all the rage"! I thought I could do without my BodyBugg, but I love the feedback. So, I have enjoyed moving and tracking with my UP3 even though the calorie burn is not as accurate (3600 calories) like the BodyBugg (a day like yesterday would have been more around 3000). It is still much more accurate than the FitBit! I loved moving a lot yesterday after being sick all weekend. I also love that my WORK is my WORKout! YAY! Three Pilates classes and a walk from campus (3+ miles) was so great yesterday! I also like that the UP3 reminds me to move every fifteen minutes which is what I need to keep my back healthy!

Read - I am listening to Ben-Hur and wish I would have started it at Christmas instead of that depressing book Half the Sky! SO GOOD! I am loving it! Long book though.

Write - #100HealthyDay and this blog and freewrites are my writing lately, and that is just enough for me!

Listen (to God and people) - Daily shower time listening to God. I have a whole list of words and phrases on my shower wall. So funny. Valentina is going to love cleaning it off. She must think I am nuts!  I also was able to listen to Elizabeth as she is back from India and caring for her mother. It looks like it will be a year of this, and I want to be a support to her!

Pray - Sweet times of prayer, but I want more. He must increase, and I must decrease. I am loving praying for the World, and I pray for the whole continent of Africa today! WOOHOO. I might just open my home on Tuesdays to do that, but I have some "Hearth and Home" stuff left over from the summer that I am committed to finishing.

Hey, I did it in twelve! YAHOO! No proofreeding though! BYE!

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