Day 4 of #100HealthyDays

Day 4 Wrap Up:

Heart - Much better day today after that heart crusher two days ago. I feel like time heals all wounds. Got even more clarity as to why we were not invited to an important event with many old friends in attendance. (Or were they ever really friends in the first place or just "friends of convenience" when they needed something from me?) 

Soul - Continue to cherish going through the Gospel Harmony Book Club readings (even though I wrote them). I am so blessed that Nancy is doing them with me! I wish Patty would interact with me over them, but she tends to go off the radar once she goes back to teaching. I meditated on the pursuit of wisdom of the Wise Men and listened to The Promise by Michael Card. I love that music, and I felt like God gave me the go-ahead to pursue a Christmas extravaganza using the music, but I have to talk to some people, and I am afraid to do that. 

We also had an "Early Epiphany" since Michael went back to SOU. I love our Christmas devotional times. I miss the times of reading and relating on our couch every morning during homeschool, but that is OK. They are grown up, but I had them from December 12 until yesterday, and that was lovely! 

Mind - Listened to a bit of Mary Poppins. I did something else for my mind too, but I cannot remember what that was.

Strength - Because of the sleet, OSU was canceled for all day. So there was no bike to campus and teaching two classes. I did teach my evening #SNAPFITNESS class, and there were seven people! That was fun! I also did the treadmill as I worked on projects (picture above). It was only about 46 minutes of walking, but it is better than sitting all day. I also MOVED for hours taking down Christmas decorations so it was, overall, a more active day than the previous two.

Alas, the eating is still not reigned in! I feel the obligation to finish all the Christmas treats, but I think I am going to have George take them with him to Newberg to give them to his aunt and mom. Temptations, be gone! 
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