Day 1: #100HealthyDays

Day 1 was good! 

Soul Health: I got up early and had a devotional at and praised God for all God is doing in the world from Pray for the World and read from Abundant Living by E. Stanley Jones. So great

Heart Health (this is my emotional well-being): Had great interaction with some friends on Facebook. Our annual January 1st walk/hike with George where we discussed last year and this year's goals. Also watched a new drama series called The Man in the High Castle. Oh my, just our cuppa tea (has a little language in it and violence but they always cut away from that so you don't see it, just the suspense). 

Mind Health: Listened to a bit of a book.

Strength Health: Self-Myofacial release, stretching, walk/hiked 4.82 miles, SMR and stretch again, push ups, Pilates, and I did OK on eating. I did have 3 cookies, but I still stayed at a deficit. (Goal to lose 5 pounds. That is all I need to do to be at the low range of my weight!)
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