#100HealthyDays 11-12

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Heart - Fought low feelings. I think it was because of several factors: still not feeling 100%, my first day without a major project, the start of a new term and the responsibilities along with it, dark and rainy day. I combated it well as Day 12 can attest.

Soul - Good

Mind - Listening to Ben-Hur has sucked me in. 

Strength - While Monday was a very active day (3000 cal), Tuesday was not. I did dance, and my UP3 says I am still well above the daily average of steps for others in their 50's. Walking outside in the fresh air is what I do to combat down days, but it was POURING outside all day. I can walk in the rain, but I cannot walk in pouring down rain, andI just did not have the gumption to go to SNAP (not to mention that I had an appointment in the middle of the day so I could not exercise after it because I needed to rest).

I did not eat as well as I would have liked. I made a Dr. appointment for my annual check up (March 16) so I want to be really disciplined for the next two months in my eating, but that is my downfall. I always eat healthy (for the most part), but I eat too much. I am still well within my healthy weight range, but I like to be lower. So, here I go again! 


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