Friday Fifteen Freewrite

I am trying a new font for this freewrite.

6:20 am. Go for fifteen minutes without stopping to proofread or edit. Writing FREELY on a FRIDAY!

I have come to the end of my first week back to work at OSU. I did not have to go in on Monday because of the treacherous road conditions, and that was a smart move on OSU's part. So, I got extra time with my sweethearts: George, Michael, and Paul. Michael stayed an extra day and missed his first class because of the roads. I loved that! We were able to have our Epiphany a day later, but it was still early. 

I always sort of dread getting out the door to go to work. I am such a "stay in my cozy home" sort of gal. I am always productive, but God told me to take this job and at the end of both the classes, I am always energized and glad I am teaching. Both my classes seem very nice. I like that they laughed. The ones last term were so somber, and I am not sure why. This is what I love about teaching college students:

  1. They are required to be there. Therefore, they improve.
  2. They have not done too much damage to their bodies so I can progress them quickly.
I am sure there are more reasons, but the improvement part just is great for me to see. I love my SNAP classes for other reasons. I love helping deconditioned people get conditioned and people with diseases heal from the movement. I also love the smaller nature of the classes. I love the personal touch and long term relationships that form as a result of having a class that goes longer than just one term. So, I like them both for different reasons. I would love to take some of the deconditioned ones and help them with more than just their core. I like starting with the core though. That is where it all comes from (like Jesus is my core, and everything that I do comes from that stable base). 

Look at me, I am sitting at my chair typing away, and I notice tension in my neck and improper posture. Another reason I like teaching is that I am more aware of my posture because I am teaching proper posture. So, I have brought my shoulder down and in their pockets and have aligned my neck with my ears. Practice what you preach baby!

I am almost done with all my photos! I finished all the Europe pictures from 2014. That was a BHAG of mine! Now, I have put in an album and dated up through October 7, 2015! I still need to journal all of that, but that will take no time because I dated them already. I would have gone through December 28, but I ran out of albums! I am hoping and praying that George remembers to pick me up another one at CostCo before he comes home tonight! Then I can have closure. I also need to create a cover page for my two Europe albums. I am not sure how to do that, but I am sure I can Google that, and I might just print it up on my own computer instead of sending it to Shutterfly to print it up (or do a temporary one on my printer since I don't have enough pictures to have another Shutterfly order). I am so excited to be TOTALLY caught up on my pictures except I have to decide if I should do a separate Christmas scrapbook. I finished 25 years of scrapbooking Christmas in 2014 (woohoo!), and the book is so beautiful and fun to look at. It is so expensive to do any kind of Creative Memories kind of scrapbooking, but I do like those books better than the "This Life" kind of books. Even though I did use "This Life" cards for my Europe book, I was not super impressed with the colors and choices. I am wondering if just buying multicolored blank index cards would have looked just as nice. 

Hey, my fifteen minutes is gone, and I am on a roll! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Well, I am off to read at the Gospel Harmony Book Club and have some prayer time! 
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