Thursdays Thirteen Minute Freewrite

We had a later evening talk with someone overseas, and I was so FULL in my heart afterward that I had the hardest time falling asleep. So, I did something I do not usually do: I took a generic Tylenol PM. I didn't want to be up really late because I knew I had to get up and go to visit Lorraine in the morning so I knew I could not sleep in. I took a full dose, something I never do, and now I remember why I don't take a full dose on days I have to go and do something: GROGGINESS! I am an "upsy daisy, don't be lazy" type of person. I don't know what it means to "need caffeine" in the morning to start to function; but this morning, I do! It is nice to develop empathy for what most of the Western world goes through every morning. :)

Now my homemade chai tea is coursing through my veins at a rapid speed. I had a double dose which is something I usually do not allow myself unless I have eaten within my calorie limit the previous day, and I am not sure I did. I burned a lot of calories yesterday though. Lots. So I am treating myself.

It is also pretty amazing that I took that Tylenol PM with NO PAIN on my body! Seriously, I sit here typing in a chair I could not even SIT in six years ago, let alone have no pain as I type. Not even tightness. 

So, I am sold on combining Pilates with a progressive resistance training program. Pilates was my base, but I really needed to move on and go back to resistance training, but every time I tried to go back to something like the Group Power class I regularly attended before my accident (I guillotined my big toe tendon with a broken glass tumbler while making chai tea in November 2009), I would injure myself. I had never had to build up from a "nothing" base of strength before because I had done resistance training consistently since 1977. So, enter studying for my NASM Personal Training Certification Exam, and I applied the principles of the Optimum Performance Training Model and started myself at Phase I (Stabilization Endurance), and now I am at Phase 3, (Hypertrophy) and so strong! 

I have more to say on this, but I need to go because it has been longer than THIRTEEN minutes, and I have to go get gas before going to Lorraine's! 

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