Friday Freewrite Fifteen

I had a very relaxing day yesterday. I did not walk or run or lift. I didn't even go to Zumba like I had hoped. I came back from Lorraine's in McMinnville pretty exhausted. I am not sure why. I had a lovely time, and I had a lovely time just relaxing when I came back.

Now I am listening to Jon Thurlow's "Soothing Worship" 24 minute prayer soak. I love it! Today will be a low-key day. I hope to lift and maybe run (at least walk) and do some Pilates on my own. That will be more than enough for me today. Tonight I meet with K and the whole group after a long break since the beginning of December.

My time with Lorraine was wonderful. We prayed for all the things on our hearts and ate dinner with a lovely couple who used to be pastors at Faith Center in Eugene. We knew a lot of the same people. After that I was supposed to wait with and then be with Lorraine during a manicure, but the smells in the beauty parlor at the assisted living facility were too overpowering for me, and I started to feel sick. I usually leave at 2 pm anyway, but Lorraine thought I was going to stay later than usual (not sure why - I came earlier than I usually do. I usually am up with her from 10-2 and have done that for fifteen years. 

I thought I had fifteen minutes of things to say, but I don't think I do. It was a lovely day. It was a "soul" wellness day because Lorraine is always good for my soul as we agree on so much about life. :) She is my 90 year old soulmate! 
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