Day 7 of #100HealthyDays

Heart - Awesome

Soul - Awesome time in prayer and gospels 

Mind - Listened to Winnie the Pooh and LOVED!

Strength - Not super active. I just walked back from Trader Joe's and was going to go to Zumba but was on people overload after three meetings before 3 pm. You can see above that I have a new fitness tracker because I love feedback, and I got all but $7 toward it in money for Christmas. I wish it would give an accurate calorie burn like BodyBugg, but I am good at knowing what I need to do to burn enough calories for the day to eat what I like! I didn't track food again. It is hard for me to do that lately. FOOD intake is my biggest obstacle in my healthy goals! 

The biggest thing I did was to journal through all 400+ pictures from our 2014 Cruise. I also journaled through August of 2015 photos! I should finish all by tomorrow; but for now, I must go and work out before my doctor's appointment.  
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