Day 5 & 6 of #100HealthyDays

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HEART - Super. What was I heart-crushed about the other day? Oh yes, being excluded. I don't care! I am glad I was. Not sure I would have liked going to what I was excluded from anyway. So great to be back in focus. YAY!

SOUL - Loving Gospel Harmony Book Club reading and applying. God keeps giving me words for each day! 

MIND - I finished Half the Sky (I know I already wrote the evaluation, but sometimes, I write them after I am halfway through the book. I knew this week would be busy so I did it when I had time). It is interesting because I have read reviews that say they sensed a "smugness" in the writing, and I am glad I am not the only one! Their chapter on women and Islam was the best. 

I also got a photo project done. Finished all of 2012 for my kids and for me! Now, I just have to do Spring 2014 on. This includes many pictures from Europe. They are already in the album, but I still need to journal about things. That takes time. BUT I have budgeted the time for it. I also have 2015 in a box and ready for the album, but that will be easy because I didn't go on a fancy trip last year! Easy journaling job! Still did not do my kids for 2015 because I told them that they could do it themselves! LOL! They are both old enough to do that now. I loved all the years of doing photobooks for them though. Part of my mothering. All that said, I have this under "MIND" stuff because looking at PICTURES always makes me SUPER DUPER HAPPY! I loved all the great memories! 

STRENGTH - I walked yesterday and today. I did Zumba and lifted weights last night and led two Pilates classes today and will lead one more tonight. I am back on track. Yesterday, food was great until after 9 pm. Then I had a second helping of almonds. I can really overdo it on those! All in all, pretty good though and even better today! 

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