Saturday Seventeen Freewrite

There's a wonder and wildness to life
And freedom for those who obey

The words to that Michael Card song keep flowing through my brain this morning. I cannot get them out of my head. It is probably my favorite song in the whole world: Joy in the Journey. Since my name means "Song of Joy," it is an appropriate favorite song, I think.

Maybe I will just try to recall the words here. Cannot guarantee the accuracy and do not want to look it up and interfere with my fingers continuing to type across the page:

There is a joy in the journey
And a love that we spread on the way
There is a wonder and wildness to life
And freedom for those who obey

Forget not the hope that's before you
And never stop counting the cost

Something about eternity stranded in time but I cannot remember the rest of the words. It has been so long since I last listened to it. I will put it on my iPod since I have the CD!

There is a joy in my heart this morning. Maybe I should change the name of my blog to Joy in the Journey instead of the "The Well" although wellness is so much what I am about in all dimensions: physical, spiritual, mental, emotional. But joy has been the bi-product of that journey to wellness. What to do. 

Song of Joy - do you know that my dad changed my name in my mother's drug induced state following labor? I believe that You, my Heavenly Father, had a hand in putting that name in the heart of my earthly father (bless his wonderful, big, brawny, 6'8" soul). I was supposed to be a "Karen" (means "pure one"), but he took one look at me and saw I was a Carol and told my mom so, and she was too drugged to disagree (not that she would, my dad had a habit of being so lovingly convincing - man I miss him)!

In Your providence, You allowed that to happen so that I could be Carol - Song of Joy, and it is a perfect name. On top of that, unbeknownst (I had never spelled that word, and I love the way it is spelled, btw) to my dear dad, he was giving me the feminine form of his name, Charles! Something I would not find out until after he died (Pancreatic cancer, May 2, 1985). Then, the icing on the cake is that it is an inverted, Americanized form of my Swedish grandmother's name: Anna Karolina, and I am Carol Ann. When I was in Spain, they called me Carolina. How dear! So very dear. 

I have a busy Saturday. Heather is visiting from China and will be here until Wednesday, but I assume she will be in and out visiting people. She has grown so exponentially. I am so impressed and happy for her. :) She is going back to China for another year and has seemed to really find a niche and some great friends there. YAY! I love to here when people are doing WELL!

We also have a Memorial Service and a dinner at Syberus with the Southworths (an alliterative dinner!). 

Well, the clock is almost out, but I want to say that I started my day out sort of strange. I had already prepared the spices in the pot for my my homemade chai, but when I got up this morning, there was no milk. I attempted to make it with powdered, and it was TERRIBLE (I threw it away because I think it has spoiled)! SO my sweet, wonderful husband went out at 5:45 in the morning to get me my skim milk!  

I love that man. ALL is right with the world now. Back to uploading my new BodyMedia software for my BodyBugg. They gave me a refund for this month since their website is being wonky for me. 


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