Classics Journey

A Goal Achieved!6 - Epiphany Book ClubWeek 6: I Love My LifeSlavery in AmericaMellow DayListening to LibriVox Uncle Tom's Cabin
RomanticismPain and Eugene O'NeillFinished with The Well-Educated Mind Dramas! American Literature AftermathWorking Through The Tome
My Early Birthday PresentGarden Book Club Tea PartyHe is just "As I Like Him"11 - The Calamitous 14th Century56 - Major Tome Finished!180 - TWEM Reading
269 - Litte By Little Gets the Book Done284 - Finished The New England Mind306 - Goal Achieved!10 - Project 365 for 2008 & 201139 - Reading for the Plane43 - In Honor of Dickens' 200th Birthday

Classics Journey, a set on Flickr.

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