Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

I have not done one of these in the longest time. I have been working so diligently on finishing up the Bible Book Club. Actually, I reached the end of Revelation last Friday! YAY! I just had to edit old posts from Colossians on and was not going to schedule the repost until closer to the date they actually post; but I decided it would save me more time if I could just edit and repost at the same time. So, I am done with that. But then I realized in all the finishing, that I had skipped 3 John altogether! Such a small book, but it is significant because the first inductive study I ever did (July 1977) was on 3 John! (I wanted a short book to start with!).  How appropriate that I would end my study through Scripture where I started! I do believe that is a GOD thing, and I have been looking for that 1977 study. I saved it for years, and I am sure it is somewhere in all my papers. If I find it, I will take a picture and put it in the post. LOL! 

Anyway, I plan on pushing the button for 3 John (have not written it yet) at 9:34 am on June 15, 2013 making it exactly 2000 days to the minute since I posted my first post for the Bible Book Club. What is weird is that original has had 2000 pageviews too! Am I a nerd or WHAT! LOL!

Now, I am digging deeply in Handel's Messiah as a review of the Bible Book Club having already completed my Jesse Tree review in ONE DAY (I worked for about 15 hours straight)! Handel's Messiah will take me much longer (I am only on Movement 5 and there are 53), but I have 25 weeks before it posts! So I think I am safe on that score.

I had this fleeting thought: What if this has been a complete waste of time? I mean really? Altogether, I think it is about 1000 posts (if you include Overviews and Intros that were separate posts) of Bible! Probably 3000 hours of labor. Probably more as the average post takes almost 3 hours, but some of them took up to all day as I mused and 

There is the timer. I am done with thirteen minutes, and I am going to stop.

(Hey, I just noticed it was a THursday THirteen on the THirteenth! LOL!)
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