Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

Technically, I am on vacation this whole week even though we needed to come back in order for Paul to get his wisdom teeth out. But I feel like writing today. "Those who walk in darkness have seen a great light" echoes through my heart this morning, and I feel like doing some "Messiah Musings" to finish up the year on my Bible Book Club Blog. My back is sort of wonky. So, I am not using this week off to do any lifting or heavy exercises. Just walking.

I am listening to this book called Happier at Home by a woman who apparently wrote another book called The Happiness Project. I only came upon it because I was looking for a book by Samuel Johnson in my library, and since she read Samuel Johnson and has it as part of her subtitle, this book popped up. 

I am reading the sequel, but it is speaking to me. Mostly confirming what I have already discovered on my own.  I think this lady and I are a lot alike. So, that is fun.

She was just talking about routines as I was making my chai tea which is one of my routines! I make it and usually listen to a book as I make it. Then I sit down to write for the whole morning (with a walk around the block for inspiration and back relief). I am not usually a "routine" kind of gal, but she said that is important, and I am glad that i am doing something important.

Well, this was supposed to be thirteen minutes, but I do not feel like writing anymore and getting to the Messiah. :)

Bye without a proofread.
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