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Reflection on the "Well Balance" helped me realign some priorities in the last 24 hours. I am not OCD, but sometimes I can get fixated on closure. I was fixated on closure for the BBC and Invitation to the Classics. My back went wonky because of me being SEDENTARY and CEREBRAL (as George calls it). I was not getting up and doing my walks and back exercises. This is partly because I cannot do that when I am at the Hillsboro Library without the risk of getting my computer stolen and looking like a fool doing exercises on the floor there (must do them at 5:30 am before George and I leave for the commute).

Also, I broke my rule of not posting if I was over a certain weight.  It took watching Hamlet telling Ophelia to "Get thee to a nunnery" to remind me of the last time I was in a nunnery (June 6-8, 2012) and what You specifically told me there about "Walking for the World and Weight Loss." As I reviewed my weight at its lowest on April 18, 2013 I realized it coincided with me putting my "Walking for the World" on hold (April 11).  Very interesting!

So, I am not going to kill myself to get through Revelation this week. It would be nice, but I cannot neglect the OTHER things you have called me to do. That "Walk for the World and Weight Loss" was SO CLEAR, and the one year anniversary of that is coming up this week. I want to be through every single Unreached People Group of the Day at the one year anniversary! :)

Weight is already down to normal (the gain was not that much, but that is how it creeps back on, right?) and is only 3 pounds over the April 18 lowest (I have not been that low since  I was a Sophomore in college at the end of basketball season in 1978, by the way).

Back to it. Just reflecting.
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