Freewrite Fifteen on a Wednesday Morning

I am not doing writing for Messiah Meditations until I get the 1.2 pounds that I am over what I say I will be if I spend time doing cerebral and sedentary things. So, I puttered quite a bit this morning, but I cannot believe it is still morning! I straightened up the whole house and then the cleaners came and my house is spotless. Michael started the laundry.

I will stand and watch my Handel videos for my research for writing my book on Handel's Messiah Meditations. New project but it is at the tail end of the BBC journey, but I am giving myself until the end of the year to complete it since it will be fun to drag it out until Christmas. :) The pre-research reading and watching has been great too. I am learning quite a bit about Handel.

My back muscles are really tight (not out) on my left side from between the shoulder blades to the mid back. I think it was from a fall on the snow on Saturday.  Totally worth it. I moved my preventative appointment for next week up to tomorrow. I wanted to do that anyway so I could go up to Newberg with George next week. I think Paul will be fine getting to and from his class since it is at the Benton Center, and Michael will be here with the car to help him out if he gets in a bind. I need to have that balance between daily care of the kids and daily care of my George! It is his turn, and the only way to do that will be if I go with him to Newberg/Hillsboro next week.  Hopefully, I will be down that 1.2 pounds so that I can write all week. If not, I will just walk and look for houses there. Not that we will buy, but I thought I would look just in case we do decide to move eventually.  I want to go there also because the next week, Heather will be here, and I will not be able to go there.  As it stands, I will not be there when she first arrives in Corvallis as we will not leave Hillsboro until Friday night, and I think she is thinking of arriving earlier than that on the same day. We will see.

Paul's wisdom tooth removal was perfect. No problems, and we could have maybe gone on vacation this week rather than last week, but we didn't know that, and Paul said he would not have wanted to have to hassle all the pills while on vacation. He is asking questions about everything, and it reminds me of his constant questions when he was four years old.

Well, I am a bit hungry, but I am going to wait until lunchtime to go eat. Trying to stay under 1600 calories a day and doing really well on that front. Allowing myself half a Ritter Sport Chocolate Biscuit each day too. Perfect!  I am hungrier than yesterday but maybe a walk will curb that craving. The goal is still MAINTENANCE of this weight loss, and I have kept this off for 3 1/2 months now WOOHOO! Must keep diligent and pull it in after vacations where all caution has been thrown to the wind. :) Maybe I will go see Jane's baby on my walk. She never called or emailed to say she had it. Must be a Chinese things because Americans make a formal announcement to their friends.

Well I have 1:37 minutes and the phone is ringing. So I best be going. Nothing important to report so this is a rather boring freewrite. Michael answered it, and I think it might be for him? He isn't clomping up the stairs to bring me the phone.  So must be.  Also the sun is back out again. Maybe a walk to HP pond is in order today? That will give me a calorie burn goal accomplishment!
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