Friday Freewrite Fifteen

I know I said I wasn't going to freewite today, but it is FRIDAY by golly, and what is a Friday without a Friday Freewrite Fifteen. I need to do it for no other reason that alliteration is my favorite thing to do with words. :)

I also like to record when I get one of those Holy Spirit waves coming over me, and I just had one. I am in the "Passion" of the Christ in Messiah right now meditating on "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," and I just had to pause. I cannot write my "mind meditation" (for my headier readers who might want to have more of a background of the verse - I like them by the way. I am by no means a "heady" person, but I do think that knowing the context of an isolated verse brings richness to my heart and life). Just reading about John the Baptist announcing Jesus that way to all who would hear.  He was that "voice crying in the wilderness" that said to "prepare the way of the Lord." It all ties together with the Part I of Messiah. Then, Jesus comes. "Preparing the way" in that context of Isaiah 40 was likened to preparing the way for a coming King. That is what the Jews thought that He would be, but what a turn on the head kind of thing for John the Baptist, that lone voice in the wilderness saying, "Behold the LAMB OF GOD." Jews would have known that the LAMB meant death, blood, sacrifice. What about the coming King? Why did John the Baptist say that? I am sure they were scratching their heads in amazement. 

But John was a prophet of God. He was speaking under His direction. He did not even fully understand what he was saying because later, from prison, He would say, "Hey, are you the guy we have been waiting for all these years or should be keep on waiting for someone else?"  

This blows my mind. The LAMB of GOD. Messiah masterfully starts with the chorus with people saying it over and over and over BEHOLD the LAMB of GOD. I love how it washes over you in wave upon wave of voices. Tumbling down. 

What a price He had to pay. 

Well, that was nice to get that all out of my heart! Maybe I will use it for the Bible Book Club. Freewrites are so great because you are not writing for anyone and just letting your fingers do the walking.

I am starved. I think I am in a big calorie deficit from that bit bike ride. I should have brought some food with me for munching out in the hall, but I never got around to it, and I do not want to have to pack my bags up and go somewhere to eat with the bikes and everything in the cab of the truck (we are going back to Corvallis tonight after George finishes work). It is getting too hot to walk somewhere right now. I suppose I could walk on the shady side of Brookwood to a place. I also do not want to lose my pristine place in the QUIET reading room because it is starting to fill up in here as the thermometer climbs.  It is supposed to be 88 degrees today!

This is a true freewrite. I have run out of things to say but will keep typing for 55 more seconds. LOL! 

I am ready to go back to writing now. YAY! :) I hope to get through the "Passion" Scene 1 today, but that is a very optimist thing. I do know that if I do that, I will halfway through the movements, and I am ALL THE WAY through this freewrite.

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