Monday Musing

"In 1970 I felt so lonely that I could not give; now I feel so joyful that giving seems easy. I hope that the day will come when the memory of my present joy will give me the strength to keep giving even when loneliness gnaws at my heart."
- Henri Nouwen, The Genesee Diary

I like this quote. 

Allergies were bad yesterday afternoon and this morning. I avoid Allegra because it constipates me (pardon the graphic nature of that sentence), but I am trying Sudafed right now and seeing if that helps. It seems to have helped, but I only got 61% sleep efficiency compared to my usual 90+% (Body Bugg Measures this, btw).

So, I am not hopeful for a super productive day, but Heather is going out to lunch with friends and out to friends' house at night. So, I will just rest and read today and stay inside. It is supposed to be bad all week. When I start feeling better, I will go and work out and drive there (I hate to drive to a workout. It seems so counterintuitive to do so). 

Oh well. PRAISE GOD FOR AIR-CONDITIONING, and outside looks so beautiful from my artificial world! LOL!

Praying for a very good day and for Egypt. 

My BodyBugg sleep pattern for last night:

I went to sleep at probably 11:15 but notice all the lighter colored lines. These are all the times I woke up in the middle of the night. I usually have this kind of pattern:

Notice the 98%. I sleep less (usually 6 hours is great for me because I have the "Sleepless Elite" gene), but I usually have great efficiency when I sleep.

This is all so interesting to me. Notice that the total amount of "sleep" is the almost the same 5:53 versus 5:21 (I would have slept later but George left for Hillsboro at 5:50).  I usually need close to 6 hours, but if I sleep inefficiently, I seem like I am sleeping longer. 
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