I have 27 verses left! (Revelation 21)

Revelation 8 went lickety split this Wednesday morning (5:30 - 6:45 am)! But Dr. Wilbur M. Smith wrote: “It is probable that, apart from the exact identification of Babylon in Revelation 17 and 18, the meaning of the two judgments in this chapter represents the most difficult major problem in the Revelation” (Wycliffe Bible Commentary,p. 1509). 

Oh joy! But I see the finish line. On June 15, 2013, it will be 2000 days since the inauguration of the Bible Book Club and despite the challenge of Revelation (and especially chapter 7, I am pressing on!!!!

Update: Finished it with no problem. People are praying!
Update: Divine wrath is hard to swallow (Revelation 16)
Update: Revelation 20 was a killer with the whole pre-post-a- millennial stuff!!

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