Well Update

Well-Tuned Body


The good news is that my weight is where it should be to give me "permission" to be sedentary and write for the Bible Book Club. I was afraid to get on this morning, and I was fine. Do not know why I thought I was heavier. I am learning to "feel" eating rather than have to keep track of calories all the time.

GOOD NEWS . . . 

Since May 12- June 2:
Average BURN- 2325 
Average CONSUME - 2231 for a 95 DEFICIT

YAY for the last three weeks! But if you include that week before there is  . . . 

BAD NEWS . . . 
Even though I am at that weight, I am at the TOP of my fluctuations (still at ideal weight for my height though), and I want to be at the BOTTOM of that fluctuation!

Last 30 day May 4 - June 2:

Average BURN - 2356
Average CONSUME - 2514 for a 158 SURPLUS!

I can either eat less or move more, and I am going to do a combo of the two and get down to the BOTTOM of my five pound allowable fluctuations! 

1 walk around the block + Skipping 2 squares of Ritter Sports Chocolate = 158 calories.

My goal is MAINTENANCE this year. I will have kept off 25 pounds for three months on Saturday, June 8th. So, I have much to celebrate. I am just DETERMINED to KEEP IT OFF for the long haul. Always been great at losing but not so great at maintaining, and that is changing!!!


My back is doing great with preventative chiropractic once a month and not sitting so long at one stretch. Would like to do better at back exercises again.

Well-Watered Soul

There is a balance to everything, and I have been watering my soul so much lately that I have neglected the Well-Tuned Body. SO, I am trying to combine the two by prayer walks for the world. I will have gone through the whole daily prayer for unreached people for one year on June 6 or 7. SO, I need to do more walking and praying since I tapered off on that in mid-April in order to try to get done with the BBC by June 22! I am right on track for being done by the time Kathleen leaves for Turkey on June 12. 

BBC: I have Rev. 7-9, 14-16, 20-21 left + Jesse Tree Review + Christmas Messiah Meditations. :)

Well-Educated Mind

I have already posted . . . 

Invitation to the Classics: Selected Essays of Samuel Johnson - 113 pages left!

Then I will read Watership Down for the Book Dames Classics Book Club

Well-Adjusted Heart

So good! All is well. I set a boundary last month that was kinda' scary, and no one died. :) I need to speak up sometimes.

Just trying to be assertive and letting my open-ended, non-closure husband know that we need to set some dates and make some reservations for our vacation in two weeks!  He is too cute to be mad at though. 

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