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15 Minute Freewrite

I am trying a new font for this freewrite just for fun. I don't know if it will change when it actually posts because I have seen otherwise on my Bible Book Club blog. 

I slept in! Yesterday was just three hours of sleep from 12-3, and I was wide awake. I got so much done, I almost finished a post on Isaiah 6 & 7 (such important chapters in the Word), caught up on correspondence, prayed, went to Pilates, shopped, prepped for a fresh steelhead dinner, and made cranberry cream scones with lemon curd! I also finished listening to Stuff Christians Like as I prepped for dinner. 

Yes, I got a ton done in the quietness of the morning, but it felt like 3 pm at 11 am yesterday because I had already been up for 8 hours!  I got a bit of a perk up as I needed to take Dial-a-Book books back to the library and took Paul along so he could catch the bus to LB. He didn't have to be in until 1 pm yesterday because his math teacher couldn't find a sub for Friday. That was nice for him.

I told Paul I might as well just stay at the library and do some work there until he returns back to the  transit station from LB. I was there two hours, and it was lovely (Other than the elderly man who was constantly coughing, but I prayed for grace and the ability to block him out instead of getting all huffy, and God did it. MIRACLE!). I finished most of my work for Kingdom Community next week (it is going to be really busy next week after this rest day on Saturday). We are reading a book by Jonathan Bonk called Missions and Money, and it is convicting and frustrating all in one breath. I will write more in a review posted tomorrow. I have a few more pages to read, and I have much more to think through. I am not sure I totally like this book.

After returning the DAB books and bringing Paul back home. I settled in to more Bonk and rested a bit.  We had a lovely Sabbath Dinner together last night with candles and grape juice (Blessed art Thou oh Lord our God King of the universe who brings us fruit from the vine.). It was great to just be a family, and I think we are going to try for more Sabbath Dinners this terms. We talked about our upcoming vacation and are making a decision about heading east instead of down south as we had thought this summer. I have a 35th class reunion in August, but Taylor is getting married in Corvallis the same day, and Micah is getting married in Pittsburgh in July. My ancestors on my dad's side are all from Pennsylvania, and I already have a second cousin that would love to take us on a tour of the ancestor sites. We could also combine it with a Pilly and Washington, D.C. trip that we have saved miles for for YEARS. I wanted to do it during US History in high school, but George was in so much job transition, he did not have any vacation time. Now, he has four weeks, and the boys are both studying US History in college, and they are really up for it. They said they want to go to Cali, but we could go for Spring Break next year instead. That would definitely be much cooler for us. 

Well, the timer is going to go off. I still have much more to say, but I can go on. There is no law that says that I have to stop at 15. Maybe that is a good sign that I can write for more time than that. 

I also talked to Julie yesterday, and she told me about the stupid convention fiasco with her. When will followers of Jesus learn that you must be genuine and peace-loving rather than blindside people all the time. So silly. I wanted to call those organizers and give them a piece of my mind, but I know that wouldn't be appropriate. 

Last night, I watched news and read Bonk, but I could keep my eyes open and fell asleep at 10:00 (early for me) and slept until 9 am this morning (I woke up from 5:45 am on and forced myself to go back to sleep). I am looking forward to a quiet family day at home. YAY!

Want to write out and review in my head everything going on next week:

Sunday - church and MacDonald funeral in Newberg, dinner with mom
Monday - Pilates, New Morning with Stacy, lunch with LeAnne and Jean, shopping with Heba with return to her apartment for listening to her dissertation defense presentation.
Tuesday - Romans study with Kim and Rachel, discipleship time with Kathleen
Wednesday - Heba's dissertation defense - all day, help with set up, be there, wait for her afterward, Kingdom Community at night to discuss Bonk book
Thursday - Morning theophostic session
Friday - free again!
Saturday - Book Dames to discuss Their Eyes Were Watching God

Better go now. I plan on resting and reading today!
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