Freewrite Fifteen

Well-Tuned Strength

I had not been able to go to Pilates for 2 1/2 weeks, and it was definitely showing. I think that class really helps my mental health two because . . .

1) The instructor is sweet and cares about you
2) The people notice when you don't come and are so kind and friendly
3) The moves stretch, relax, and strengthen me
4) It strengthens me all over
5) It doesn't hat the weird YOGA Hinduism thrown in
6) Jessica takes us through the same warm ups and stretches every time

So, I need to go. I say when I skip that I will do it at home, but I don't warm up as well, do the moves and stretch as thoroughly. I need the companionship and the relaxation.

So, I will go now again.

Well-Adjusted Heart/Well-Educated Mind

The above helps. Finally making some decisions about that major purchase has helped (ouch for the cost, but I think it will help my back - we bought an adjustable base Tempur-Pedic mattress). Acknowledging my sense of loss over Samira moving to California, Heba leaving, Elizabeth and Michelle leaving, homeschool ending, and Book Babes changing has been SO HEALTHY for me!  The Lord continues to be the anchor of my soul, and I know that He is GOOD and that He loves me. This is undeniable. I just need to adjust to the new paradigm in my life now and settle into the new normal. This is all very healthy for me.

I also think I need to back off on the depressing tragic novels. They just keep coming, and when I had the prospect of reading Hemingway, I said, "Enough is enough," and brought The Sun Also Rises back to the library and got a wonderful and sweet book by Billy Graham about finishing well. This has ministered to my soul, and I think I am going to delve into some devotional classics for a season and forget about my goal-orientation of finishing that 100 Great Books List! When my Well-Educated Mind goals interfere with my Well-Adjusted Heart goals, it is time to make some changes. I will finish but in smaller doses.

Well-Watered Soul

Ending my posts on the Gospel Harmony Book Club has also been a loss. It balanced out the "gloom and doom" of the prophets. So, now I am just left with the prophets. So, I need to be intentional about reading in the Gospels and Acts now even thought I am not posting about it. It will be better for my soul.

I believe in the "full counsel" of the Word, but the second year of Bible Book Club is also like a tragic novel! LOL.

Well, I am relaxed and well and ready for write on Amos 2 before I start cooking lamb, honey baked red potatoes, fresh green beans with almonds, and haroset for Passover tonight (modified because we have other things on our agenda).

Well, I have 1:14 left on the clock, and this is my wrap up. Need to keep writing.

Had a GREAT "date night" with Paul. George dropped us off at Wendy's on his way to his meeting, and we talked, walked home, and sat on the couches in the living room and talked for another hour. We talked about so much. Hurts he felt from another mom growing up, and how he had to forgive her. I was able to explain that mom's mental problems, and that is wasn't him.

Well, the buzzer range. BYE! Pushing without proofreading!
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