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I am not sure if I will write for fifteen today because I really want to get to my study of Hosea today. I tried several times during our seminar this week, but I ended up doing the book table for most of the weekend because the guy they assigned to man it didn't know anything about any of the materials, and people were asking a ton of questions. Since George, Kathleen, and I know about all of them, we ended up sitting back there and enjoying time with different people. It was a blast really with many really fun conversations! 

I tried meditating on Hosea 4, but there were so many interruptions. So, I am up early to have some time until the flurry happens all over again today as we are at the book table again at Calvary Chapel for the morning service. Then, Jamie, Donna, Jon, and Amy are coming to our house to talk to our kingdom community about kingdom living. 

We went to the Mandate School graduation after the Friday and all day Saturday event, and I was so TIRED. My new Tempur-Pedic mattress awaited me! So, we just stayed for the graduation, skipped the dinner and games afterward, and picked up pizza and calzone and watched FUNNY British comedies on PBS while i had the massage on my bed at full throttle. :)

I fell fast asleep at 10:12 pm only to wake up at 3:45 am this morning. I am glad to have the extended time with God before going to Calvary this morning. I love people, but I am really tuckered out. 

It was interesting to talking with one of the young guys at Calvary about Myers-Briggs. I think he makes it a lot more complicated than he needs to make it; talking about dominant this or that. Stuff that others have probably tried to make out of the Myers-Briggs that isn't really there. I had no idea what he was talking about, and I have taught on it for 25 years now. So strange that it has been that long! I graduated from grad school in 1987! Where has the time gone?  I was such a confused person then. That job at Lane Community College was such a disaster. What made me take it? It was so UNFULFILLING! That is when I first sense the power of other people's intercession in my life when I started sending out little prayer cards (by mail then because that was the only way), and how God just PLOPPED Steven Hawthorne and Bangkok in my lap at Proclaim 87. He also PLOPPED George Weaver in my life at Proclaim 1987 after a very brief encounter in March of 1987!  That was such a God thing to go from total lack of fulfillment in a "career" job to a life direction and life partner all on one God-directed November day.  It was all because God told me to cancel that retreat with Carla's mom and go to help Tom with his workshop there. God is so good!

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