Friday Fifteen Freewrite

I love the quietness of the morning. I woke up at 3:30 am thinking it must be near dawn. I figured I might as well get up. I realized that it is Good Friday. So, I read the Thursday night through predawn events of Good Friday. Jesus spent a sleepless night all those years ago. I don't mind being up so early. It is a sacred time.

I have been listening to The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer. I love it. I have read it maybe twice before, but I have never listened it to on audio. It was one of those "Free Friday" audiobooks from a while back. So edifying. Such food for my soul. I decided that I need to lay off the classical books that are so depressing! I was listening to Steppenwolf a few days ago and reading The Bluest Eyes on my Kindle. I have been reading a LOT over the last three months, and I decided to take a break and read some spiritual classics. I also went to the library reading room and started Billy Graham's latest (and probably last) book, Nearing Home. Again, food for my soul. I feel so lifted up and edified. I need to take the classics in smaller doses, especially the ones from the 20th century. I feel like I should finish Steppenwolf though because it will be due soon.  Not until after Easter though.

I was going to write about something, but I can't remember what. Oh yes, I had two Listening/Theophostic prayer sessions yesterday, and they both went really wonderfully! I was so encouraged by both times. God replaced lies with His truth and there was release and peace, even joy and laughter. No one who would sit in my study would deny there is a God! :)  I know now that God's prompting for me to do more Theophostic this year was because Carol, my wonderful mentor in this area, is moving to Dallas/Fort Worth by the end of 2012. For many years, I just sent people to her instead of doing it myself. I am thankful for Donna W. coming to Corvallis last April and being a reminder that this is a great tool for my tool belt that I needed to develop more. I am tickled to think of all the healing that has happened over the past year, not only through the sessions I have been a part of, but also through the sessions that others who were trained last summer!  There are so many that have been trained too. It is so nice to not be the only one doing it in this area!  I am hoping Kathleen will also bring people through training too.

You are good, God!

The two sessions were GREAT yesterday, but I will say I am a bit exhausted! I started at 9 am and wasn't done until 6 pm. It wasn't all listening prayer and included lunch with the first person and discipleship and talking with the second person afterward about some things they were dealing with. I was very tired at the end.

Now, I have the sniffles. Not a full-blown cold, but the sniffles. :)

Six seconds. Off to 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles for the morning. Pressing without proofreading.

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