Monday Morning State of the Well

It has been a while since I have done a status update of "The Well."  Monday morning is a good time.

It is "red sky" at morn. I have a feeling our two days of sunshine has gone away, and we will have some storms. The east coast is going to get blanketed today. I should look at some pics.

Well-Watered Soul

I am doing really well in my soul. George and I did some listening prayer yesterday because something really agitated me in my spirit from Saturday. After 2 hours of talking, he suggested prayer, and God quickly showed me the lie I was believing and gave me truth. He brought me to a memory of when I was doing a team report in junior high with two girls who were best friends. I did something that made them be really mean to me. I was clueless about what I had done. I remember feeling so terrible about that. Anyway, God revealed truth to me about it being just the issues of junior high girls, and I was accepted by Him. That was what was most important. 

I had a struggle in Hosea all week, but that we probably more because I was so tired last week from lots of sitting and talking with people about exciting things. It took me all week to recover, mainly because I had quite a bit of things to do and people to meet with. I declared Friday a "Restoration Day," and God led me on a prayer walk that cleared the air and also allowed me to have a divine appointment with NS in my neighborhood!

All that to say that on Friday, I was able to breakthrough in my reading/meditating/writing about Hosea, and I loved it. 

Now, I am in Isaiah, and I do believe he is one of my favorite of all the prophets. He is such a great balance between God's justice and mercy. I will soak deeply again this morning.

Well-Educated Mind 

My "100 Great Books" list includes Hemingway and Faulkner, and I just wasn't ready to start one of those on a beautiful Sunday, too depressing!  So, I am listening to The Ascent of George Washington by John Ferling because I got it on Free Book Friday with It is the type of book I usually read about 4th of July, but I am in the mood for an uplifting book! 

Well-Adjusted Heart

I am well. Last week was exhausting, and I had a big weekend. Visiting Lorraine and Ginny was so lovely, and it helped me in my "balance." I met with a group in Monmouth after that, and it ended up being two hours with the group and three hours with one of the girls. She was so sweet and young, and my shepherd's heart had some concerns, and that was part of my prayer with George from above.

I also did Theophostic with a girl on Sunday. It was more counseling and a bit of Theo. Again, my shepherd's heart wants to get her ready for the challenges she has facing her in the near future. She was not doing well, and I told her so. It was a really GOOD time, and we have a game plan until she leaves in six weeks. I love her so much. 

I made (and George encouraged) a decision to skip corporate prayer with the gang on Sunday so I could get out and hike in the sunshine. Since my Saturday was inside from 8:45am - 8:00 pm, I needed to get out and sweat. It was a good call for my heart. I need that balance for me!  

I am not exhausted now, and I hope to be more balanced all week long!

Well-Tuned Strength

I had a muscle pull in my back from Tuesday morning until Saturday morning. It even bothered me after a Thursday morning adjustment because I sat in a chair for TOO long in a Theophostic session. For my Sunday session, I sat in my office chair, and this was much better!

I have been overeating again. I had lost about 3 lbs at the beginning of April only to gain it back. I am only 4 lbs over, but I hate that. So, I am working on portion control. I am convinced that something in my fullness meter goes horribly wrong after menopause because I never feel full!  I recognize that and don't go overboard because 4 lbs is pretty good!  BUT, I like to be at the right weight, and it is better for my back to be this way.

I am determined to get to Pilates all week this week. It is SO GOOD for me! Also, still am considering having Andrea from Therapeutic Associates giving me an overall weight program that really WORKS for my back issues. Shandra's didn't work (even though I love her to death!).

Well, now I am going. 
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