Freewrite Fifteen Friday

Well-Watered Soul Well-Educated Mind Well-Adjusted Heart Well-Tuned Strength

It is already 11:15, and I am just getting to some time with God (other than a little prayer time at the edge of the amphitheatre at Calvary Chapel this morning. That was lovely. 

I slept in this morning. I don't know why, but it has really taken me a long time to catch up from last week's seminar and Sunday's activities. I had so much people time. Then, I had lots of people time this week too after only one day of rest. Jean instant messaged with me and told me to REST, but I already had some appointments, and there is always so much follow up after seminars like this. 

So, I need to store up some "I" time today. I want to just journal, pray, spend deeper time in Hosea, and finish my books. I am trying not to spend time with people today, but I am already off to a bad start! LOL! Visited a bit with Cindy at Calvary, and she told me about some people who are interested in what we are doing, and I really want to meet them. It is hard to be an introvert and like people so much. 

I also went to Pilates today, and it really helped this pulled muscle in my back. It isn't out, but it is not right. I went to Dr. Koen, but then I went into a MEGA theophostic session where I sat for TOO long. I should have just stood up once we were just chatting after the session. It was a good session, by the way, and it seems like, after a month of inactivity, I am fully booked and overflowing again (like the fall).  It has been so good, and I am finding that God is fulfilling by identity as "boldly beloved." I have become more assertive in my times by having a person stay in a memory instead of jumping around so much. Some times people jump to avoid the pain. I sensed that yesterday, and I gently said, "Let's just stay here for a while." It turned out that the memory they wanted to jump to was tied to that and once she had release in the memory we stayed in, she found freedom in the other one. So, I am glad I was a bit more assertive. That was what I found difficult with two of the people I had been working with before. When they are a strong personality, they have tended to run it (instead of God). So, it is OK for me to facilitate by saying, "No, let's stay here for a bit."  I was too paranoid of interfering with the process, and I realized that this is precisely why I am there!  

Another thing I have discovered is that if the person cannot let go of bitterness and resentment, it really inhibits the process. Sometimes, the person needs to cognitively process their lack of forgiveness and come back to me after that. I had one person who did that in February and came back in April, and the process was fabulous. In February, it wasn't. Yesterday, I gently asked if the person was willing to forgive. They said it was hard. So, I put our session on pause to do some teaching on forgiveness. They were willing to let go of their resentment, and we could move on toward God's truth coming in loud and clear.  I would like to develop something that could prep them for this before they come to the session. The closest I have gotten is the Steps to Freedom in Christ, but I am not super wild about that either. So, I need to write with a Holy Spirit pen in God's timing.

Our Kingdom Community is shutting down in six weeks, and it will morph into something different, but I have loved this group of people so much. I love hearing everyone's story and praying for them. Something that keeps on coming up over and over had us wanting to check out what is happening with our kids, and George had a really open talk with one of them last night. He is such a good dad. :)

Well, the timer went off long ago. I am looking forward to getting back to Hosea after some false starts for the last few days. Things have been good, but I really want to soak today. 

Pressing the button with no proofreading. :)

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