2 PM Freewrite

By the way, if you want to know this "freewrite" meaning. Go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_writing

That will give you an idea of where I am coming from. Maybe this is cheating because this really is "freetyping"! LOL!

I usually do my freewriting when I first get up, but I have taken Ny-Quil the last few nights because of that really hard night four nights ago when I first starting getting this cold.  It wasn't really a "hard" night, but the dreams were weird, and I woke up at 3:30 am feeling like it was 6:00 am and time to get  up. Then, my cold really blew up. So, I have gotten three really good nights of sleep, and my cold is almost totally gone. So, no more Ny-Quil, and I can go back to my early morning freewriting with Jesus. LOL!

This morning I got up just in time to make my chai tea to take on the go to Pilates class. It was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S outside. So, I walked and praised. Then, I listened to Steppenwolf (the weirdest psychological novel - was Herman Hesse as unhappy as Steppenwolf?).

When I got home, I decided to catch up on pictures and figure out what to do on this big tax bill versus putting the maximum in for IRA's for the two of us. Still deciding, but all the tax paperwork is DONE other than this one little decision. Then, I can send it off.

I picked out all my pictures, but I still need to post about a week's worth. 

So, I am getting to my time very late. Oh, Jens and Deborah are coming to look at our queen sized bed too. We bit the BIG bullet and bought the Tempur-Pedic. Supporting my Swedish cousins. (I should get a discount for being a Swede!)  Everyone says that it is a good investment, but YIKES they are SOOOOO expensive. We could have gone on a Viking River Cruise for that price! 

I'm good with it. I also set up things with Mary about coming to our group on April 25 which will be really good.  So, I have done a little bit of work along with the pictures. It just feels to good to be upright again and not feeling miserable! 

I am in Hosea today. I had written most of it three years ago, but Katrina did the introduction and chapters 1-4. So, I will be reading in that today. I like Hosea. I get Hosea. 

I was doing really well on my eating. I am doing OK today too. I am drinking lots of water and not snacking.  

I am not knowing what to write, but if you read the explanation of "freewriting" on Wikipedia you know that when you can't think of writing anything, you write that. I am just continuing to move my fingers. I usually have fifteen minutes worth of things to say, but not today. Maybe because it isn't morning. Writing in the afternoon is my WORST time of day to be writing. What am I thinking to be writing on Hosea? Maybe I should just have some prayer time and call it a day. It is OK. I am self-employed in that way, and I often work on Saturdays. Last week was really heavy with a full day of Theophostics thrown in there. I am usually good for one appointment. Two was a bit much!  But I love that too. Love, love, love what I do, and I have no one to apologize to about it. 

The boys are both gone until 4:15 pm today. Paul was not happy about having to wait an hour for the bus when he just misses the one before that by 2 minutes. Why don't they have it leave at 2 pm so that people getting out of class at 1:50 can get on the bus? It doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I should call and ask them why. There must be a really good reason. Michael didn't seem to mind, but he doesn't get out of class until 2:20. I am glad they are taking the bus though because gas for the Suburban is just getting too expensive for us. I am being driven crazy by the extra spending we have had to do. I am SOOO cheap!   :)

There we go. 11 seconds. Now I am DONE!!!!!!
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