Mid Day Freewrite

I had a busy morning in Isaiah. Then, Elizabeth told me Micah was online. So, I talked to both of them for about an hour!  It was fun to congratulate him and process with her too.  I love my life.

Then, I took the boys to class (math and bowling), and I went to wait for my dental implant prep appointment. Dropping them off meant I was an hour early. But I used the wireless and communicated back and forth with Tim about some business stuff. I love my life (even the dental implant part).

I am being implanted on May 8. Woohoo.

Then, I realized I had two hours before I go and get the boys. I was going to go running or walking, but it ended up raining, and I didn't bring my rain gear. So, I am treating myself to a lunch at Red Robin!  Yummy Chicken Wrap and Chicken Tortilla Soup as I type here and listen to Stuff Christians Like. I am still debating about whether I like. I am laughing a lot, but it isn't where I live.  

Well, the time has flown by on this fifteen minute freewrite because this small computer is harder for me to type on than my big one. I will go to work a bit since I have an hour to kill before I pick up the kids, and this is much more comfortable than Takena Hall at Linn-Benton Community College. 

Should I have desert or not?  Hmmm???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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