Friday Freewrite Fifteen

Ready, GO!

The sun is coming through the fog of this morning. Just like my day yesterday. There was fog yesterday morning. I do not like it when people expect me to adapt to their irresponsibility. I had one of those situations, and I ended up being the one apologizing. Go figure! I always apologize when I set boundaries when someone expects me to reorient my whole day, and I say, "I cannot." I need to grow in that area.

All that said, I had prayed that the appointment would cancel earlier in the morning. (I am an introvert, and I have been spending a lot of people time, and I always need balance.) So, God answered my prayer, but not before I had already shut down the work that I was doing and got all dressed and ready to go. I am glad that I heard about the change BEFORE I got out the door instead of when I was already at the meeting place and in limbo. All that said, I didn't like how I was the one who looked like I had canceled and apologized. 

I was stressed from saying, "No." And it sent me off into such a season of doubt, and I just had a stressful morning as a result. Then, I get cc'd on an email where someone is clearly not happy with the lack of planning on another person's part. I do not like disharmony, but I totally see why the person was unhappy. It was another one of those situations where someone goes ahead with an action and doesn't consult with the people who will be doing all the ground work. I got caught up in the stress of that interaction, wondering what work it would entail for me. Stress in composing my email to contribute to the dialogue, and what happens? My computer decides to automatically shut down due to an update! LOL! 

That was the perfect thing to have happen. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I went BACK to prayer! Then, I got back on and totally deleted what I wrote and wrote a much shorter, non-stressed letter.

Then I had my GO TO GIRLS Prayer Team pray for the stress. Then, Michael said he was going to go workout, and I went away from the computer and got a good workout on the elliptical and weights, and then he went with me and helped me with the grocery shopping! YAY! 

There was one appointment that I was looking forward to, and I think the enemy did not want it to happen. She thought I was too stressed to meet and wanted to give me the time off, and I insisted that she come. WOW! I am so glad I did! Four and half hours of deep listening prayer later (and fifteen pages of notes), she was a much freer woman!  And the SON was shining! No more fog. Gotta' love that!

So, today the sun is shining. My Byzantium music by Jeff Johnson is playing. The kitchen is clean. I had a great inner room prayer time. I have nothing on my schedule (The person who wanted to meet me never confirmed so if she calls, I am going to say, "No" without guilt [hopefully]). 

It is going to be 61 degrees today, and I think I am due for a bike ride and then a nice Pilate cool-down at SNAP Fitness followed by reading The Screwtape Letters which is so perfectly timed with the enemy hassle that I received yesterday. 

God is so much more powerful than anything our enemy can muster!

Pressing without proofreading as the timer goes off!
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