Friday Fifteen Freewrite

Life has been rather busy so I have not done a freewrite in ages. I have posted quite a bit here though because I am doing the SUPER SUNDAY TO EASTER PRAYER CHALLENGE. I love it. It has been such a good shot in the arm, but I am sitting more than normal because of it as I am doing it on this blog. First, I was journaling it and then transcribing it on to the blog. That was way too much time. Then I just went to doing it on the blog, but I am wondering if I might meditate and pray and WALK. Just sitting too much. I have combined the PRAYER CHALLENGE verses with the GOSPEL STUDIES that we are doing in our Kingdom Community now. So that is really helping me not do double duty. When I am in Luke for the Kingdom Community, I just stop at the verses that are in the topical PRAYER CHALLENGE study and do a Discovery Bible Study on it. WIN WIN. But still, I am trying to sit less and move more. 

It isn't so much that the sitting is bothering my back, but I am not burning enough calories each day because of all the sitting. I overate 363 calories average a day over a 7 1/2 week period! Ack! I couldn't believe it when I got on the scale. I am still well within my comfortable range, but I like to be smack dab at the medium frame weight, and I am above that. So, I have declared war! Yesterday was GREAT! I realize it will take me about 40 days to get back down to that comfortable weight, and I just need to MOVE more and EAT less. So, I have my FACED accountability partners alerted, and I am reporting daily again. YAY! It is so much easier to course correct than gain all the weight I lost BACK and have to go back to square one. My one year anniversary for all the weight is April 8th, and I am determined to be that same weight even though I have fluctuated up and down a bit throughout the year. Someday, I will be better at just staying within my calorie needs every day, but it is the learning curve, and I am retraining myself. So, I am not worried. It helped to go over the 8 Ways to Increase Your Serotonin and Dopamine Levels Naturally because I gave a link to all of my VLOGS to a woman struggling with depression the other day. 

Speaking of depression. So many people are struggling with it. I am amazed. It is an epidemic. I have never struggled with it, just been blue a few times for longer than normal; but nothing clinically so. I am sure it is debilitating. My heart goes out to the two people I talked to yesterday.

Well, back to the whole eating thing. I wondered if there was something to me eating when I am stuck inside. I have never thought of myself as having any kind of food addiction (maybe back in the 80's but not lately), but I had this memory of being sick and my mom giving me canned ravioli and black cherry soda in the blue glass pitcher and glass on the blue tray (my mom gave it to me a few years ago, but the pitcher broke in transit from California to Oregon.) That was the "tradition" for whenever I was sick (which was not very often). I would love to be sick! My mom was caring and loving and not so distracted. So whenever I seem to be "stuck in bed," not because of sickness but from needing to rest my back after OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy) or PT or because I need down time when my natural rhythm crashes at 3 pm, I like to eat. There is something about eating and lying in bed, and I think it stems back to that WARM memory of my mom being attentive and caring. So, I am still asking God to show me more from that memory, and I can do that because I am going to a MOUNTAIN TO PRAY TODAY!

YAY! Fifteen minutes now! TTFN!
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