Wednesday Freewrite

I cannot keep up with the progress of my soul right now. I have had a great two week break (starting tomorrow) from writing, but I am itching to get around to seeing how I can publish the Bible Book Club e-books. I have no idea how I might do it, but there was a free e-book offer on Facebook about writing books in a weekend. So, I downloaded.

It is good to take a break. It has left me more available for Elizabeth as she has been here since July 15. I am available to take her places in this hot weather, and yesterday, we had quite a few hours together bringing crutches to and talking with Cully (bad ankle sprain) and going to lunch at Sunnyside Up. I offered to have us continue watching Downton Abbey, but she visited with her friend. She came back and said she wished she had watched DA to re-energize for her dinner with the Trivetts and 9-11:30 pm time with Aaron. She was bushed in the afternoon, but she got up this morning and left by 9:15 am to go somewhere with another friend. 

Oh to be 1) young (33 years old) and 2) a TRUE extrovert! I would be crawling in a hole after yesterday (I should mention she also talked with me for two hours in the morning and then went to Coffee Culture for another 1 1/2 hours with another friend BEFORE we went and delivered the crutches!).

Anyway, I have had almost two weeks off from writing. I have a few goals for the rest of the summer. 

1) Possibly make a video of making the Jesse Tree with Rebekah and/or Kim; but that will depend on their schedules

2) Cull, process, print, and book pictures since November 4. I quit printing then, and I have hardly taken any pictures; but I never finished posting for Carol365 2012 because I wanted to have one goal of finishing the Bible Book Club and saving my back from camera overload and sitting too much processing. I am ready to start that up again and have closure.

3) Become a certified personal trainer

4) Make e-books 

5) Early review Lisa's book and finish Call the Midwife series and C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy. Then I might take a reading break (yeah right). 

6) Maybe paint and carpet living room and kids' bedroom?

But all that will have to wait until AFTER my backpacking trip to Idaho with Debbie and her friend. I will be able to start August 1st. Elizabeth leaves that day, and then I have a quiet house. I do not know if anyone else will be joining us for TOAG next year. I sure hope so, but I do not know who to recruit. I wish I was better at that, but I am not very good at it.

Well, now I have those things written out. I am going to go and pick up my orthodics. I did not have to get new ones, but new covers on top. That was great! I have to wait one more day for them to "cure," but it will be in time for the backpacking trip on Sunday. 
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