Nine More Posts to 1000

I have had this blog since Fall of 2004, but I have only posted 991 times! I have posted so much more in the last couple of years than all the years combined because I started doing book reviews! 

I am back to physically journaling in a book now that the Bible Book Club writing is done. So, I might possibly not journal here very much anymore. I will like that change.

I am pretty tired. I think I got borderline heat stroke/exhaustion yesterday. I could feel myself getting sicker and sicker as I pedaled home from the grocery store on my bike. 

I came home and drank water. and I rested until I had to work to get ready for Elizabeth's party. I felt better by then. 

Well, I am going to go read my book so that I can enter for another drawing at the library! I might not finish it today, but I would like to!

Tomorrow is my 23rd wedding anniversary. So, I am gone for all day playing up in the Portland area!
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