Wednesday Freewrite

I have been listening to a sampler of, what is supposed to be, one of the best performances of Messiah. What a great way to start the day. :)

I struggled mightily through Psalm 2 (it is playing right now on the sampler). God telling Jesus He will "break" the nations is sometimes hard to swallow. 

Now the sampler is on "Hallelujah Chorus"! I will start my day on that and hopefully make my way through a good chunk of Part III today. No news from the realtor though. I am up here waiting in this hotel for her to have time to show us houses, but it is already Wednesday and now she has jury duty. What is the point of putting us up in a hotel if we are not going to do what we came for? I have many other realtors who are chomping at the bit to talk to us and ready to show us places, but we have to use the one George's company has assigned. Seems like a big waste of money to put us up in a hotel for four nights if half of them have gone by without any showing of homes. Just my opinion though.

Not that it is a waste. I had been thinking of going to a coastal hotel to write without distractions, and this is what I am able to do. 

I finished the whole Bible in June, but this is another BHAG - devotionally writing through Handel's Messiah! I heard from another author who wrote another devotional. I did not know he had written it when I decided to do this one, thinking that I had an original idea! I asked him if I could quote him, and he was flattered! He is an Anglican priest at Oxford. His first parish was in the Cotswolds! OH MY! My dream place to live. I wonder if Oxford needs a statistician? LOL!

One last thing, I wrote the head of the "Sleepless Elite" study, and he was more than eager to have me as one of the participants. I need ten days to wear a device to measure my sleep rhythms. Since there are only 1-3% of the population that has this gene, I felt it was my duty to help in the study. I tried to do it another time, but I did not have enough time to wear the device. I am going to do it in mid-August. 

Well, the Messiah Sampler is over, and it is time for me to finish the writing of the "Hallelujah Chorus" post. Then, it is on to Part III, the final part (and much shorter than the other two!).

TTFN (I am sort of like a Tigger you know)

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