Monday Fifteen

I decided to do my freewrite in the afternoon today. I wanted to get straight to writing for Bible Book Club (Messiah Meditations) instead of warming up my fingers. It is better for me to do it now because my brain always starts to shut down at about 2:30. I know it coincides with the dip in my serotonin/dopamine and change in my cortisol levels at this time of day. For the first time all day, I am craving food. I am never really hungry until 2:30, and my concentration goes awry now. I wish we could check into our hotel at three, but I have to wait until George gets off of work. I am hoping that this will kick my brain to get this last post I have been working on done before he gets off work. I really love where I am in Messiah. This is the part that makes me SING! Psalm 68 where He ascends, and we get the Holy Spirit and the GLORY GIFT for the spread of the GOSPEL. That is truly exciting for me!!!

It is pretty cool because I am writing a post slated for December 21, but the post for tomorrow is Ephesians 4! And that is what I need to really put the finishing touches on this post. I need to ruminate on it overnight no doubt. So, maybe I should just pack it up and go for a walk until George gets off of work OR sit and read my book in a comfy chair downstairs! 

Ah, but the CLOSURE CAROL kicks in and says PUSH TO FINISH it! I know I won't really finish it because I will need to polish it up a bit tomorrow, but I can get the rough draft down on the post and clean it up tomorrow with the background of Ephesians 4 with the current post. WOOHOO!

I am really excited about tomorrow. I am going to stay in the room and write. I won't have to worry about all the background noise Although the people in the library QUIET Reading Room today are actually QUIET! The sweet girl from Kansas studying for the Oregon Bar is not here. She is quiet, but I don't think she realizes that everyone in the room can hear the lectures she is listening to on her computer even WITH her headphones on. I wonder why. I have not had the heart to tell her though.  I do not know where she is today, and the sweet Libyan woman studying for her medical boards isn't here either today. Most are strangers here with the exception of the loud, munchy Chinese girl that ate all day last time I was here. I do not think she is eating today since she got in big trouble with the librarian last time for eating. But I do see all her food on the table, and I wonder if she will defy authority again! (Tee Hee) Stay TUNED! 

Well, I think it has been fifteen minutes. I think I might work until 4 pm on the rough draft then pack it up and walk until George gets off of work.

Bye. No proofreading. Do not think less of me with punctuation, grammar, spelling, and typo mistakes! (Well, maybe it would be good if you did. Then I would grow as a person through your disapproval.) 
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