42. Swann in Love by Marcel Proust

So I continue with the soap opera! I am addicted to this great narrator and the beautiful classical music between each section. 

I guess I am not in for tackling a long Dickens audio right now (even though I have 36 hours and 33 minutes of Our Mutual Friend loaded and waiting for me on the iPhone). These abridged sections of Remembrance of Things Past by Proust are only 3-4 hours long and are nice for a couple of days of walking. I know I am not getting the full effect, but maybe I will tackle all of Proust when I am retired. 

Remember I said that I must have missed the homosexual undertones. Well, I do not think they were in the first audiobook. They were in here, but they were tastefully done. The French aristocracy seemed to be pretty lose in their morals back then. I will have to learn more on that front.

This is about Swann who falls in love with a woman who is really more of a "tart" than a dignified woman. She is not intelligent, but he is in "lust" (but again, the lust is tastefully done to the point where I wondered if they were really sleeping together or just flirting). 

I will probably listen to the whole series. I am such a silly girl (but not a tart). 

This narrator really is one of the best I have ever heard.
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