Sleepless Elite?

I thought I had "slept in" this morning only to find out that I had 5:04 hours. Sigh. Above is my sleep average for the last seven days. I always say I only need 6 hours. Here is the proof from my BodyBugg data. I try to sleep more, but it just that gene that I have in my body. I have finally contacted the researcher, and I am going to participate in their "Sleepless Elite" study in August. I just have to wear their device for 10 days, journal before falling asleep and when I wake up, and take a DNA test. I hope I can help those who have chronic sleep problems. 

Here is the article that explains it. I do not need a DNA test to know that I have the gene. :) The traits describe me to a "T"! (Except I do not think I am "hypomanic" LOL! Enthusiastic and vivacious, YES!)

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