Toward the Finish

June and July have been awesome months for finishing BHAGS. Last month, I finished the classics journey. Then, I finished the desire I have always had to study and then lead people through the entire Bible. Now, I am closing in on writing a devotional for Handel's Messiah! I am 2 1/2 posts away with 15 minutes 54 seconds of music, 10 pages of one reference book, and 3% of another (on Kindle so do not know pages left) from completion! It has been a lovely journey. I love waking up every morning with Scripture set to Handel's beautiful music playing in my head.

Two days ago, I was having a good day, but I went to work out in the facility here in the hotel, and I did some channel surfing while on the elliptical, and there was a British movie with some of my favorite actors: Ramola Garai, Jeremy Northam, Bill Nighy, Eddie Redmayne, Jenny Agutter, Christopher Lee, Hugh Bonneville, and even David Tennant (although his character was out of the movie by the time I tuned in, but I saw him in one flashback!). I was hooked, but it turned out to be a very dark, suspenseful movie and some of those favorite actors were also very dark! It derailed me for a few hours when I came back to work ,and I had to call on Nancy and George for warfare prayer! (The movie was called Glorious 39 by the way, but it wasn't very glorious IMHO.) 

The next day, I kept my heart clean of the pollution of darkness and just focused on Messiah, and it was an absolutely wonderful day. There is a lesson in this: Keep focused on Jesus and turn away from the darkness! 

On to the finish!
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