44. Handel's Messiah: Comfort for God's People by Calvin Stapert

Messiah in June and July!

This is my third time reading this. I listened to it on audio the first two times, and you can see my review below. I bought the Kindle version because I wanted to be able to underline things in it and use it as a reference book for writing my devotional on Messiah

It is so much better to read it than to listen to it! I am convinced the narrator is not the best "voice" for the author. I liked it so much more just reading the printed version. It is heavy on the music, but I needed that since I am not an expert on Italian oratorio, secco recitatives, arias, etc.! I learned so much more being able to see it in print and think I really understand and appreciate Handel's Messiah even more! (Is that even possible?).

Here is my review from last year. It is not everyone's cup of tea, but I am a nerd when it comes to Messiah:
When I first started trying to listen to this in 2010, I thought: BORING! The narrator sounded a bit stuffy, and it went on about Italian Oratorio and all that, but I gave it a second try Christmas season 2011. I sat down and really listened to it. It is a WEALTH of insight and information about this masterpiece! I loved it. If you are a Messiah Geek like me, it will benefit you greatly to understand the ins and outs of this gift from Handel! 
If you are not a Messiah geek, it may be a bit too academic, but I listened to it again this Christmas, and I found myself wanting to write down quotes.  I listened to a little of the book and then the part of the music he had just described. I love that I would go to bed and wake up with these Scripture songs in my head during the Christmas season because CHRIST is what the season is all about!   
It will be my annual tradition!
My devotional will be the whole month of December and will be at the BIBLE BOOK CLUB . Lord willing, I might make it into an e-book and/or a nice Christmas devotional book with pictures! We will see!
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