Tuesday Twelve Freewrite

I am not feeling well this morning. I stayed inside from the pollen all day yesterday but still woke up with a raging headache. I am really needing complete rest, and I will hopefully have it after my house guest leaves today. I love entertaining guests; but on the heals of a busy week up in Hillsboro, it probably wasn't such a good idea and especially since it ended up being only 1/2 hour buffer between coming home and entertaining.  It did not help that I walked around the Hillsboro Airport for two hours with such a high pollen count. Grass doesn't usually bother me, but I have not felt well for three days now. I will go ahead and take some Sudafed because that seemed to really help yesterday.

I am also disappointed because not going out and being active has caused me to stay inside and EAT! I am eating way more than I should be lately, and I am not happy about that. Again, hard when you are entertaining. I need a few days of just being by myself, but I also know that we will find something to do on 4th of July and we are probably going to the Renzonis on the 5th. So, that sort of shoots myself in the foot. Then, it is back up to Newberg/Hillsboro and lots of people contact. Maybe I should go away to the coast by myself for a couple of days, but I do not have a car because George has the car up there, and Michael needs our other car down here. What to do? Confessions of a true Introvert that needs some "I" time to cope!

Well, I do not want to sit too much. Gotta' move to keep that weight off! So, I am doing a Tuesday seven instead of a twelve today.

This was a depressing post, but that GOOD NEWS is that Jesus has RISEN in my Messiah writing. So I am excited to explore that! 

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