Well Update

Well-Watered Soul

I am in Romans 5, and I just typed as I listened to it. So rich. So wonderful. I love being in Romans. I am so looking forward to be done with hopeless novels and going to the Invitation to the Classics list that has many spiritual classics.

Well-Educated Mind

Last night, just before bed, I finished off my last Hemingway book on that "100 Great Books" list. I wonder what he would have been like to relate to. So hopeless. I am more than half way through The Plague, and I have begun both Catch-22 and House Made of Dawn. War and pestilence will be over. I cannot wait to be done!

Well-Adjusted Heart

No complaints. It is well with my soul. Always helps to be away from dysfunctional people who want power and don't want to change. I am in a very happy place with my relationships and with all the "groups" that I am involved with. No worries in this respect.

Well-Tuned Strength

I have woken up with a stiff back the last two mornings, but I am been able to work it out by movement. I am adding light weights in addition to the Physical Therapy exercises. So, I think that it why it has been stiff. Logan, the PT, didn't seem to concerned when I went in that way yesterday. He loosened up my hamstrings and made me to hard exercises anyway. I was fine the rest of the day. The trick is always to push yourself a little but not too much. I still do not know that balance.

I am eating sensibly lately. Very pleased.

This freewrite is only 8 minutes, but I want to get back to Romans.
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